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Christmas and New Year event! Don’t miss your chance to get a gift! 12% off

Hello there!

How quickly time passes. It’s like yesterday we launched our Kickstarter campaign, and today is a threshold to 2019, for which we are planning even more objectives.
Next Friday we prepare to celebrate upcoming Christmas holidays. Celebrate together with “Legends of Signum” as since Friday, the 21st of December, we have Christmas discounts wave: Our webstore will give 12% off to every items there.
In the beginning of December we launched an event with Aria the Avatar of Goddess as a gift, thank you for your support and participation in this!
For Christmas we prepared something new. Alongside 12% off, we give a miniature of Ricin the Vollsack to everyone’s 100€+ order

We wish you “Voll Sack” (a whole sack) of presents during the Holidays and all the best in upcoming New Year! Marry Christmas and Happy New Year, friends!

For any additional questions, please do not hestitate to write us to