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А Roland the Proud Starter Deck Improvements

With this article, we start a big topic showing the players some deck building tips and also reveal the most powerful decks in the skirmish wargame “Legends of Signum”.

There are two usual ways to start deck building, you can first choose your Hero and then build your deck and form game plan depending on Hero’s capabilities, and vice versa, choose your game plan and build a deck, and then find more fitting Hero to carry out your designs.

Many players begin with LoS starter sets, so here is an example for starter set players on how to expand your collection and build very powerful and competitive decks. We will start from Holy Grypharim Empire decks.

Let’s start with Roland the Proud Decks: “Quick and Flying”

(Core cards are highlighted by “!”)

Roland the Proud is a quick damage dealer. It allows him to rush into a battle and engage early pressure over his opponent. Therefore, with great support, Roland can become a ruthless power and finish the game at early stages.


Kerub the Armoured Griffin  – an initial character with Rush, capable of dealing a few blows at turn 3-4.

Kiros the Midday Sun (!) – Another pretty cheap character with a decent Strength and HP, and, what’s more important, it has Fortitude. So it can fly at XL distance and reach an opponent’s battlefield side pretty quickly.

Liobrenda the Temple Novice – a very cheap unit that speeds up either Roland or Kiros, and also it can get Roland out of battle if he is in trouble.

Vincent the Oronox Knight (!)  — another quick character with Rush that already has necessary buildings in its cost. Thanks to its class building, Vincent can gain Expert of Attack and Fortitude that allow dealing big damage.

Reno Damien the Oronox Shooter (!) – a classic Oronox rider with Rush and all the necessary buildings in its summoning cost. Particularly in this Deck its Rush would be kind of useless, but if to add some shooters to this deck, it can make a difference.

Commander Ajax, Templar Seneschal (!)  Prosperity – starter set character, one of the strongest character of the Empire. It stands out for its speed, HP, and Rush. A class building gives it Fortitude and eventually makes Ajax a killing machine. Only because of Ajax, it makes sense to build a deck of strong characters based on City Hall.

Herrick, “Burned Dogs”, 17th Infantry Regiment— starter set character, pretty good for early stage. Even without Shooting Range can deal a lot of damage. Herrick costs a building that fits our summoning cost, and it’s one of the few characters that can be summoned at the very first turn.

Belinda the Healing Hand  — starter set character, the only Healer in the deck. It can help Roland if something went wrong at the start of the game.

Arcadia the Sunrise Knight — starter set character, its combination with Belinda the Healing Hand and terrain Healing Altar allows drawing some cards from the deck to accelerate early pace and aggression. And also it can protect Roland if enemies are going to surround the Hero.

Magnus the Red Inquisitor — starter set character, an important supporting character that together with Rufus the Young Squire gives your quick characters to stay alive and deal damage a bit stronger than usual.

Rufus the Young Squire— starter set character, one more supporting character, having a cheap summoning cost, it helps your Ajax or Vincent to stay alive.

11 creatures in total. It is a usual amount for quick and aggressive decks which are going to win in 15-20 turns.

Support Cards:

(it’s recommended to use 2 copies of each, though you can adjust it on your own)

Hero Power (!)spell — starter set card, a universal spell that can turn any of your characters into a formidable force on the Battlefield. It is indispensable in this deck as it’s based on quick damage dealing. And which is more important, its playing cost perfectly fits your strategy. And be careful, this spell buffs only you characters, which means the Hero cannot gain benefits from it.

Sky-high Stormspell — starter set card, a mandatory counter card. Each faction has some nasty terrains you’ll definitely want to get rid of, and that’s what this spell does.

Plate Armourrelic — starter set card. It is a very simple and relatively cheap relic that helps your hero to avoid critical situations that may occur during a battle. Thanks to a special class building which is used by your main characters, it gains a little bit more durability, and your hero can hold up enemy attacks a little longer.

Tournament Pike (!)relic — mandatory relic as it’s important to either finish your opponent’s Hero off or to successfully start the fight.

Banner of Victoryrelic — a personal relic of Roland. It strengthens your characters which is a good choice for massive attack led by your Hero.

With You, My Brothers (!)tactic — very powerful card that for instance can summon Ajax earlier than expected (before you constructed City Hall in your city zone) which is a strong pace. It works best for Commander Ajax, but also looks good with such characters as Vincent the Oronox Knight.

Salvationtactic — a key tactic for all Imperial decks, especially for this one. Allows your frontline creatures to survive despite the fact the deck barely has healing cards.

Retributiontactic — similarly to Salvation, it is a key tactic card to save your most important characters.


In general, this is a pretty balanced deck with a strong pace and huge power. Its advantages are pretty obvious – it doesn’t require a lot of buildings to be constructed in your city zone, and it has a lot of quick and strong characters that together with Roland and his support cards can build a good synergy and destroy their opponents pretty quick. As for disadvantages, it should be noted that it has a small number of healing cards so you will need to protect your characters, and also it could go not so well against control decks if your opponent has answers to all of your threats.

And take note that there are some key cards that maintain a concept of this deck, so other cards can be replaced by anything else if you think it would fit better for your strategy, therefore feel free to adjust it the way you want.