White Witch Hunter

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Dwellers of Signum choose to become monster hunters for various reasons. For some these reasons include fame and renown, for others – the sound of coins clinking in their purse. Conwenn gained his medallion with a grinning puma head on it when he was just a boy. He was a sole survivor from a small village, located in the very west of the Grypharim Empire, that was attacked by the undead of cursed baronies. Ludwig, the monster hunter, found him barely alive, walking by the road with bloodied pitchfork in hand.

“What happened, boy?” he asked. After the boy told him about the undead, Ludwig immediately went to the village and found no less than a hundred of them lying still on the ground with pitchfork wounds on them. He realized, that this boy has makings of a great hunter and took him under his wing for training. Today, not only his extensive list of defeated enemies is a proof of his courage and skills, but also his grey hair, for the life of a hunter is a dangerous one and not many hunters live to see their hair turn grey. But he is still far from achieving his goal. To this day, he still seeks those who sent undead on his village.

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