Vermiss the Flesh Hunter

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The first talks about Flesh Hunters arose just after the Great Cataclysm. Some people think that these creatures infiltrated Signum from the Dark realms where the stars and Moon are the only sources of light. The scarce information left by the great wizards of ancient times in the books on structure of the Universe, says that only monsters dwell in the Dark realms, and almost all of them feed on fresh blood or living flesh.

Others associate appearance of the Flesh Hunters with Acheron, the Kingdom of the Damned. There is no doubt that emergence of this Kingdom is directly related to the Dark realms. After barons of one of the remote provinces were secretly tempted with the good grace of the cursed gods, it opened long closed doors from the Dark realms to Signum. Necromancy, vampirism, summoning dark creatures β€” it’s just a short list of atrocities that were now in the power of the new servants of Darkness. But the barons had to pay an incommensurably high price for the gifts of the dark gods. Their appearance, mind, their being β€” everything changed beyond recognition, and a new state emerged on the ruins of the western kingdom β€” Acheron, the Kingdom of the Damned. Nowadays it includes seven large baronies and threatens to spread to other Signum lands.

The Worm of Acheron is a name given to the 1 by legionaries of the Grypharim Empire, who first encountered the vermins at the western boundaries. The Flesh Hunters indeed look like huge worms. They move only underground and they are almost impossible to spot, so their attack is always unexpected. The Flesh Hunters are not intellectually advanced, but their incredible feel for living beings makes them dangerous adversaries. They feed on fresh bodies and use their flesh as a second skin. They constantly need new prey to continue their existence. Usually they attack in the middle of the night in small groups of several beasts. Their mortified bodies know no fear, pain or fatigue, they are only afraid of light or fire.

Vermiss is the most blood-thirsty Flesh Hunter there is. The rumors are that he is one of the reborn Acheron barons. The dark grace of the cursed gods touched him more than anyone else. Even seasoned legionaries whisper about his monstrous strength and resilience.

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