Crabb the Mad Hatter

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A roadside tavern is always full of people in the evening. At this time, the wine flows freely and you can hear continuous loud songs. One evening a very strange bunch gathered at an inconspicuous table in one such tavern. After an intense card game battle, a pretty nervous goblin started to stare at a person sitting next to him shuffling cards with a poker face. This person with a big garish hat was too tall to be a dwarf, too weird to be a human, and too rude to be an elf, and it was impossible to guess his age at first sight.

“Do you need something, fellow?” the strange person asked.

“Yes, I do. I know nothing about you. Who are you? What… are you? Why do you win the sixth time in a row?” goblin babbled, ”Tell me, maybe you’re some kind of a magician or something?”

“Not quite.” the person smiled, “Well, maybe when I make hats we can call it magic, yeah. Satin and silk, velvet and leather – aren’t they just alchemical components that turn into gold once a customer picks up his hat from a store?

“An elf sitting at the same table seem to be bored so he scooped up some coins in front of him and quietly headed to a bar counter.

“Don’t play dumb! I don’t believe you! I don’t even know what race you actually are.” a goblin became more persistent and focused.

“A human…sort of… though some of my ancestors belonged to a magic race.” the man giggled and continued “Anything else?”

“Yep, now I want my money back!” the goblin slammed his fist on the table.

“Then so be it!” immediately answered the man, took off his hat, waved it, and all coins that were on their table faded away.

“What have you done?!” the goblin has yelled.

“What had to be done, goblin. I brought your gold back to the merchant you robbed this morning.”

“How dare you, you son of the pity wiza…” the goblin swung at him but it was too late as the man has disappeared not even listening to the last speech.

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