Thibaut de Bazan, Master of Coin

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Thibaut de Bazan came to Vallor with a title, one pair of boots and great ambition. The young man looked for a chance to get rich wherever he could, and he always found it. In fashionable salons and expensive studies Thibaut acted as a mediator in deals for noblemen who could not do their business publicly. At the same time he huckstered cheap beer to the ships coming to the city harbor. He was often seen at the Arena, in the Circus and near the fighting pits — but he did not com there to watch the combats. The spectators inebriated with excitement were eager to make bets and cut dodgy deals. For a few years the circus box was the office of Thibaut de BazanThibaut completely grasped one of the truths that were the pillars of Vallor: “Life is a chain of deals, and everything has a price”. Malicious gossip had it that Thibaut won the position of the Master of Coin by bribing or blackmailing the elders of the city, but no one doubted his abilities. From time to time people tried to get the better of the Master of Coin, but only one managed to actually do it. Varga Quark, the contract maker, humiliated him publicly by executing a contract considered impossible to execute. When Emperor Demian sent his ultimatum, Thibaut de Bazan suggested accepting it — but not out of cowardice or to get even with Quark. War was bad for trading, and the great port city of Vallor would thrive under any rule. In the conflict with the Empire Thibaut is the leader of the party standing for striking a peace treaty with the Emperor as soon as possible. People say that he is negotiating with the representatives of the Church of Emris behind the Duke’s back.

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