Telesmo the Wandering Sorcerer

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Telesmo was always restless. After finishing his study at the Magical Academy of Vallor, he almost immediately went into a long journey in elven forests to search for rare potion ingredients. As it happens, he was unable to find herbs and roots he was looking for, but instead, he found a magic owl named Sage. And after many years of this friendship, if someone calls Telesmo wise, he jokingly answers with “I am just experienced, the owl is the wise one here”.

During his long life, he used to be a dragon hunter, a hired sorcerer at the courts of aristocrats, and even a mentor in the guild of Alchemists. Telesmo nonetheless never stayed at one place for long as the road of adventure was beckoning him, promising glory and honor.

That was before he found his true calling – a war.

He can take a sword in his hands if needed but prefers to fight with good old magic. His sword, forged by the very best dwarven smiths, once belonged to his deceased friend, so he made an exception and gave a name to it, even though he likes to say that “Let the knights name their blades, true sorcerers only give names to their magical staffs. Mine is called “The Ram” for I have breached the walls of many forts with it”.

When Telesmo enters combat, he gives no rest neither to himself, nor the enemy. He is relentless and takes inspiration from his comrades, attacking with renewed strength every time they strike down their enemies.

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