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The War of the Guilds

The Free City of Vallor has been an important hub on the continent even in the old days. For Signum it became a repository of ancient knowledge, a bright spark of hope in the growing darkness. And at the same time – an Apple of Discord for the greedy gods. The power and untold riches hidden beneath the city attracted mercenaries of all kinds and simple adventurers.

Impossible as it may seem, the powerful cataclysm that has befallen the lands of Signum because of the Chaos Dragon Vortiris, the same one that has changed the face of the ancient continent, barely touched the Free City. Citizens of Vallor have taken their miraculous survival as a sign of divine patronage. But perhaps this was merely a cruel joke of fate.

It all begun with the sudden death of the Duke. Important families of the Higher Cities observed each other with suspicion. The Guild of Merchants has accused the Guild of Shadows and demanded to conduct a thorough investigation of their assets. The Guild of Shadows too has raised a similar accusation in return.
“We are protecting the rights of the thieves, but it doesn’t mean we are to blame for all the crimes that happen in Vallor. Assassination of the Duke is quite different from cutting a purse.” Read More...

Difficult Decisions.

No one was concerned about defending the city from external enemies. And disaster did not take long to emerge. Hordes of disgusting spider-like Daishan elves swooped on Vallor from the west. Fiefs, weakened by internal conflict, could not resist the seemingly countless swarms of invaders and fell one after another. The Lower City was completely destroyed and sacked by the Daishan army. Most of its citizens was slaughtered and the few survivors fled behind the impenetrable walls of the Upper City.

Faced with the danger of total destruction, the Great Guilds were forced to make peace with each other. As a result of prolonged and tiring negotiations that lasted for three days and three nights, the City Assembly was created, which included representatives of all the Great Guilds along with the representatives of the Leagues and lords.The Assembly was meant to make an important and fateful decision, specifically – elect a single commander, the Lord of War, that would lead the army of the Free City in the battle against Daishan elves. By the majority of votes it was decided that the title will go to lord Khan Dir. In truth, it was hard to say who really received the title of the Lord of War – Khan, or Dir after all? The thing is that lord Khan Dir was a two-headed ogre, two and a half meters tall, whose body contained two different personalities. Lord Khan had a mind for high politics and possessed a semblance of cultured social skills as well as the cunning and ambitions of an ogre. His brother Dir, on the other hand, was stupid, stubborn and cocky. Read More...

The New Duke

The very next day in the Ruby Arcana Palace, Lord Khan Dir has announced that he has won a great victory in the battle against Daishan elves. He only briefly mentioned the bold sortie that Brissa carried out and did not spare words to describe his own deeds. Hearing all that, Brissa de Molforn was furious. She was not afraid to accuse Lord Kahn Dir of lying.It is well known that despite their less than average intelligence, all ogres are very good at carrying grudges. Khan Dir could not simply tolerate an insult like that. The heads of the two brothers even argued between each other while discussing how to handle this. Dir demanded to punish the offender immediately, Khan on the other hand thought that rushing this matter would only be detrimental to them. For Vallor needed a new Duke, and Khan Dir was one of the candidates for that position.

Not all lords of the Upper City supported the ogre’s claim, but Khan managed to negotiate with the representatives of the Great Guilds, promising them numerous privileges in case of his election. The support of the Grand Masters of the guilds turned out to be decisive, and Lord Khan Dir became the next Duke of the Free City. But along with power Khan Dir received a huge amount of problems. After the invasion of Daishan elves the Lower City lay in ruins. According to Teebo de Bazan, the war completely empties the city’s treasury. From west, south and east troubling news continued pouring in. Old alliances no longer seemed set in stone, new dangers that have not been known to anyone before now loomed on the horizon. The world of Signum was changing rapidly and no one could trust their old allies anymore. Read More...

The Ortus Automaton Corporation

The Architect Guild of Vallor was under the control of the High Elves, native to the dragon lands of the East. They found their new home in the Free City and used their collected knowledge of architecture and engineering arts here. Not only that, but in recent days many dwarves have made it to the rank of Master in the guild. Mountain-dwelling grumblers had trouble living alongside the arrogant elves, but dwarves had the reputation of incredible mechanics and specialists in metal, so the elder Masters of the guild tolerated their presence. There was not a single human to be found among the higher ranks of the Architect Guild, which was no coincidence. The High Elves guarded their secrets with jealousy and thought that humans are incapable of understanding the impeccable accuracy of mathematics and the hidden harmony of engineering and architecture.

But among the junior ranks of the guild there was a genius, whose talent has remained unseen for a very long time. No one could say for certain, what Varga Quark’s lineage was. Some say that Varga was a child of a High Elf and a human female, others said he was related to the dwarves. But almost everyone agrees, that Varga was a genius engineer, quite ambitious and perhaps a little insane. In the Architect Guild, Varga has been a junior engineer. Despite his burning desire to find recognition, he remained unnoticed for a long while. Varga continued to stubbornly work on his own projects and at last a day has come when he was allowed to demonstrate his achievements during a meeting of the Senior Masters of the guild. Varga Quark was so self-assured, that he almost did not doubt his success. He prepared for this day for many years, and now he thought that his goal is within reach, and all he had to do was grasp at it. Read More...

The Lord of War

After the Demented Bastards saved the City Assembly from Hidrex’s bandits, Brissa de Molforn was elected as Vallor’s new Lord of War. Of course the name of this title assumed that a man were to be the “Lord of War”, but since a woman happened to claim it at this point, the name was kept as it was even though certain farceurs suggested to change it to the “Lady of War”. Under pressure from guild representatives, Duke Khan DIr was forced to lift all charges from her and even award her with the Laurels of Honour. From the day of the city’s founding only a few chosen heroes were given these honorifics.

The enigmatic head of the Ortus Automaton Corporation has sent a mechanical servant carrying a personal invitation to Brissa. The young woman departed for the corporation’s headquarters immediately after receiving that letter. She was surprised and incredibly intrigued by the sudden attention to her person. It was well known all across Vallor that Varga has often refused personal audience even to foreign princes. Before meeting the corporation’s head, Brissa was given an introduction and excursion through the corporation’s factories. The young woman has never before seen so many working mechanisms and devices of unknown purpose. She was unable to understand even a tenth of the processes that were happened before her very eyes. Nimble constructs, created by Quark’s genius, whisked about, senior managers of the most strange appearance strolled around, observing the work processes. Read More...

The Crusade.

In recent days rumours about the rebirth of the Grypharim Empire have reached the walls of Vallor more and more often. Merchants and ship captain that sailed across the southern seas told the tale of unbreakable legions, forged by the will of Roland Proud. And they spoke of uncommon creatures – the winged grypharims, mighty and beautiful celestials that fight alongside the Imperials. Although Brissa was born in the Empire herself, she never heard of grypharims and regarded tales about them with suspicion.No one considered the Griffin Empire to be a threat to Vallor. It may have been so before, but everything was about to change. The young Emperor Demian has only recently reached adulthood and took the throne has sent his ambassadors to the Free City, demanding they submit themselves to becoming a vassal state. He considered Vallor to be responsible in all the disasters that have befallen Signum and thus it had to be purified. And first among all, the ungodly creation of Varga Quark, who dared to challenge the gods themselves, had to be purged. Refusing the demands of the young Emperor could mean war. Read More...

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