Shaell Frost

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The Inquisition acts as a holy hammer, crushing the skulls of the Empire’s enemies and smashing a path to people’s hearts for the Truth. But the Church has a much more elegant instrument up its sleeve. Assassins – ruthless killers who disregard anything and anyone apart from the will of the High Priest. People despise and avoid them like leppers. Shael is one such vulture, and no one can ever see his work, only its consequences. His steps are like the whisper of the wind, his frame – a dance of shadows. Frost, he, whose purpose is to carry out the will of the Illuminati, obstacles and consequences be damned. The Empire’s secret police jealously guards its reputation and leaves no witnesses of its intrigues and executions. Contacting Shael you will either get an ideal weapon to resolve your difficulties, or an invitation to your own funeral, depending on if your interests happen to contradict those of the Church.

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