Sagir the Wolfen Hunter

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The hunters were surrounded by puppets, in which the demon turned the villagers. Conwenn unsheathed his blade, being ready to cut through them, but Sagir stopped him with his powerful clawed paw.

“What are you doing, they’re innocent!” the Wolfen asked.

“These innocents will soon put their pitchforks in us!” answered Conwenn.”If they catch us.”, a huge Wolfen went on all fours and pointed at his back by one of his paws. The white Hunter wasn’t too keen on such an idea, but there was no time left to come up with a better plan.When Conwenn climbed onto his shoulders, Sagir immediately jumped from his place and in few jumps he was already outside the closing ring of puppets, who started throwing pitchforks and sickles at them. Going around the crowd, the hunters swept through the village to a small chapel with broken windows. Sagir crouched down to the ground, letting Conwenn get off, and with a single mighty blow knocked out a wooden door. The demon who possessed the priest laughed at them and raised his hands, summoning for a gust of wind. The White Hunter was thrown back, but Wolfen stood and overcoming the strength of the wind, took a few steps forward and then grabbed the priest’s body.”And what now?” the demon grinned, “Are you going to kill a holy man? Isn’t he innocent?”

“If he succumbed to you – doubt so. But no, I won’t kill him..”

Sagir snatched a banishing potion from his belt and poured it inside the throat of a priest. In a last-ditch effort, the unholy pulled out his dagger and drove the blade to the hilt into the hunter’s chest and then went limp. Conwenn, knocked away by the wind, arrived just in time for this moment. Running to a friend, he helped him to stand on his feet and leave the chapel. Outside they were met by confused peasants, who tried to understand how they ended up on the streets at night with weapons in hand.

“And now they will beat us up” Conwenn gloomily whispered, “Did you really need to save them?”

“Hey!” Wolfen waved a hand to the villagers with a hunter medallion, ” the father isn’t feeling well, the demon got him good!”

“Not bad!” the white Hunter smiled, looking as the looks on peasant faces changed and they rushed to help the priest, going past the hunters.

“Didn’t even have to lie! Come on, show me your wounds.” – Conwenn grabbed a potion from his belt, “One day your kindness will come back to bite you.”

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