Khan Dir, Duke of Vallor

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After Guilds’ War and the invasion of Akkary Elves the Lord Khan Dir was elected as the new Duke of Vallor city. He runs the City Assembly and settles disputes between guilds. But the interesting fact, that it’s actually difficult to say who is the Duke now – Khan or his brother Dir. Because Khan Dir is a huge two-headed ogre, who has two different personalities in one body. The Lord Khan is well educated in politics, civilized communication and has guile and ambitiousness of the real ogre. However, at the same time his brother Dir is stubborn, foolish and blusterous.Rumors are telling that Khan Dir got the position of Vallor’s city Duke only because he has used the victory of Brissa de Molforn. And in sober fact, that’s definitely true art of politics, you have to benefit from someone’s failure and yet, much more from someone’s victory. Without understanding this fact, Khan Dir would never become the one he is now.

Vallor city must be the only place in Signum where an ogre can reach such a high position. Khan Dir’s House was the one of the Noble Houses in Vallor, so his family was quiet authoritative long before the cataclysm. I have to say that by ogre standards Khan Dir got perfect education, though there were some embarrassments. When the young Lord was twelve years old, he has accidentally eaten a goblin, who was his teacher of common language. As there are more than twelve races living in Vallor, its official language is the common language of Signum. But I guess, Khan Dir has decided that he doesn’t need a language teacher and for that he was punished by his father. Despite the punishment the young Lord couldn’t stand from eating his ballet teacher, famous portrait-painter, who was also a goblin and even a mutt, which liked to bark every time ogre passed it. Even when Khan Dir has become the peer and has inherited one of the city’s feuds he still was ashamed of his youth habits.

The Lord Khan Dir has managed to gain support of the Great Guilds by promising those privileges, when there was election of a new duke in the Ruby Arcane Palace. With the Great Guilds support Khan Dir has become the Duke of the city. But along with the power Khan Dir received a huge amount of problems. After the invasion of akkary elves, the Lower City lay in ruins. According to Thibaut de Bazan, the war empties the city’s treasury completely. From west, south and east troubling news continued pouring in. Old alliances no longer seemed set in stone, new dangers that have not been known to anyone before now loomed on the horizon.

Young and ambitious Emperor laid challenge to the Free City. And I have to say that no one was thinking before that Griffin Empire will try to subdue the Vallor city. But everything has changed with the new Emperor, who has announced the crusade against Vallor and who has made his uncle, first Marshal Roland the Proud to be head of the Emperor’s army.

Khan Dir has asked Vallor’s old allies, sea pirates and mountain orcs for help to stand against the most discipline army of Signum. But Roland was an experienced commander and none of tricks helped to stop him. After this, the Duke understood that he needs Brissa’s de Molforn help in decisive battle. So now, when she has the name Lord of War, a woman has to lead army into battle.

After all Khan Dir doesn’t want to hide behind city walls, in case of need the ogre himself will join the battle to show enemies what can do a furious ogre. He is strong as a horse and healthy as well, with his longsword he can cut in two a completely armored knight together with a horse.

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