History of the world of Signum

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  • The Holy Grypharim Empire
  • Free City of Vallor
  • Dogs of War
  • Alliance of the Unicorn
  • Akkary Elves
  • Undead of Styx
  • Dragon Hunters
  • League of Plague Doctors

The great Dragon of Chaos Vortirus, erstwhile the undivided lord of all things, at the dawn of time was cast out by the young gods to wander between worlds. Wanting to return some day and take revenge, he placed a part of his strength in a powerful artifact – the Heart of Vortirus.

For a long time the artifact was stored by snake-like people – followers of the great dragon. They used all accumulated knowledge to create the cyclopean structure of Kha-Dagor – a magical machine capable of depriving the gods of contact with the world and summon the great Vortirus. To give Kha-Dagor a power, thousands of slaves were sacrificed in there in one night, but this ritual wasn’t enough, so the executioners voluntarily took the place of the victims. Even this blood wasn’t enough, however. The race of snake-like people subsequently fell into decay, and the Heart of Vortirus was lost.

After hundreds of years, the Free City of Vallor was built there, exactly in the place of ancient ruins. Vallor’s inhabitants didn´t know the purpose of its place, so they turned Khagh-Dagor into a slaughterhouse where the blood everywhere. Under the cover of night, the remains of thug’s victims also disappeared without a trace in the depths of Kha-Dagor. Soon the energy in the underground reservoirs was enough, and Vallor’s walls shuddered. An invisible energy barrier enveloped the world, depriving the gods most of their strength and power.

Thanks to the intervention of heroes, the coming of Vortirus didn’t take place, but the breath of the Dragon of Chaos scorched the old world. Unprecedented disasters hit the mainland. Cities and countries turned into ruins in a heartbeat. New lands appeared from the depths of the sea. The portals leading to other worlds were opened.

After surviving the devastating changes, the world received a new name – Signum.

Before the Cataclysm, no one considered the distant empire a threat to the free city, but now all of that has changed. Rumors about the resurgent Grypharim Empire increasingly began to reach Vallor. Sailors and visiting merchants told of indestructible legions and unusual creatures, winged Grypharims – powerful and beautiful celestial inhabitants who entered into an alliance with the Imperials.

Emperor Demian orphaned in infancy. He ascended to the throne and retained power only thanks to the support of Roland the Proud the marshal-protector. The helpless baby grew up and became a young man who was oppressed by excessive care. Demian was eager to show his advisors that he could rule on his own.

The young ruler was sure that the Free City of Vallor, the abode of the rabble and freethinkers, was the cause of all the misfortunes that struck the world, and therefore it must be purified of filth. Without listening to any objections, Demian sent an ultimatum to the Duke of Vallor.

He called the Free City a hotbed of heresy, where the most terrible heretic was Varga Quark, who dared to imitate the gods, creating moving mechanisms. The emperor demanded from Vallor to extradite Varga to the Inquisition and accept the power of the Empire.

Vallor’s people, however, refused to bow their heads. Residents of the city rejected the disagreements between each other and came out to protect him. Brissa de Molforn led the army to protect her home again.

Vallor’s militia managed to defend the city in the war against Akkari spider Elves, and this time they are also not willing to surrender.Also, Akkari just don’t have time for conquests for now. A great defeat at the Vallor’s walls has shown that despite the mighty of the terrifying spider Elves, they also have weaknesses and vulnerability.

And now their lands were attacked by Alliance of the Unicorn. Two powerful forces, Elves of the island Talanis and clans of Wolfens have teamed up to destroy Akkari’s nests. Their main objective is to destroy the curse that distorts the nature itself.

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