Gabriella and Orth, Inquisition Hunters

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Gabriella’s upbringing can be described by three words: piety, strictness, obedience. You may think there are better ways to foster your kid and you may be right. If the kid is human and not a demon, as she is. Her father was a wandering monk who at that time was young and was lacking in the faith department, so it wasn’t hard for a daemoness, whom he accidentally met on his way, to seduce him. The night he spent with her did not go unpunished – some time later she found him again, this time with a baby in her hands. It was this moment that cemented his faith. He did not abandon the child, but instead he vowed to redeem himself and take responsibility for his actions.It was the proper upbringing that brought the young daemoness into the fold of the Church to become an Inquisition Hunter.

Gabriella is a skilled and dangerous fighter and together with her companion, a giant two-headed mut called Orph, they quickly became one of the best hunter teams of the Inquisition. Orph was a gift from her mother, who sent him to watch over her. While Gabriella hates Evil in all of its manifestations, she doesn’t consider Orph as evil. Well, in light of their achievements, no one does.

Orph immediately accepted Gabriella as his new master, allowing her to order him the way she wants. He senses corruption and gives no quarter to the heretics and Gabriella trusts him completely. They understand each other without words, making them very effective and if Orph picked up the trail and Gabriella loaded her arquebus – the enemies of the Church have no chance against them.

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