Fiona the Witch Hunter

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Fiona, the lake witch from the northern lands, didn’t wish to spend her whole life in the swamps, telling fortune to travelers and predicting droughts to farmers. A thirst for adventure made her to pack her modest belongings and go on a journey.

When the road led her into the Free City of Vallor, her pockets were almost empty. In a small tavern located in a poor district she accidentally overheard about a ghost inhabiting a wealthy peer’s house. Thinking quickly, that if she will banish this ghost, the peer would pay her a sizeable amount of money, she asked for directions from talkative visitors and soon she was standing right at his doorstep. It was easy for her to deal with the ghost and she was paid quite generously by her standards. When she was leaving the estate, she met a tall man with white hair at the exit, who introduced himself as Conwenn.

“Not bad”, he said. “I was just planning to take care of this nuisance, but you beat me to it. If you want to make a living doing this, It would be much easier to find work and assistance, should you need it, if you join our brotherhood.”

After listening to him telling her about the hunters brotherhood, it’s rules and goals, she decided, that if she joins them, she wouldn’t need funds and will definitely see all corners of the world and its wonders. The hunters enthusiastically welcomed her magical talents, and Conwenn became her mentor

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