Alluna the Illuminati Assassin

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Alluna is one of the best assassins in Illuminati Order. The church uses the Order as its most important weapon in the struggle for power and influence in the Grypharim Empire. Fanatical Pontifex Conrad justifies all actions of the Church in the name of the One God. He encourages even murders, if they are accomplished for benefits of the church.The members of the

Illuminati Order have neither past nor future. They only have the cold blade directed to hearts of enemies. However, Alluna earned grim reputation in the Empire after murdering of general Baldwin. The rebellious General dared to accuse Pontifex of hypocrisy and lies. Alluna killed the general and twenty-three of his officers during one night, but she has not received a single scratch.

After this feat, committed in the church’s name, Pontifex wanted to meet the girl. Stroked her cheek, he said with a sigh:

– What a beauty and a deadly power are in one fragile body!

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