Kush Tribes of the South

The glorious descendants of an ancient empire of beastmen, lions possess strength and bravery that have become part of legends. They once fought dragons and elves for control of the world. Now they block the path of the armies of darkness like an unbreakable wall. For behind their backs hid many tribes and their native land.


The Golden Claws set

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Of all the beastmen, lions are the most indomitable and powerful. With courage and passion, they go into battle to clear their homelands of zombies, demons, and greedy neighbors. Lions once ruled a third of the world and they will rule again!

Thunder of Savanna set

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Lions are the greatest of the Savannah beastmen. Their roars are like thunder and their eyes are burning with rage.
Warriors and mages from different tribes join forces to defend their homelands from armies of zombies and demons.

Warriors of Pride set

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A Pride is not the same as a clan of ogres or a legion of imperial soldiers. They fight as one and live as one. As long as one warrior lives, the whole Pride lives. No matter what enemy challenges them, no matter what magic is used, as long as the rhythm of the savannah beats in the lion’s heart, as long as fury burns in his eyes, the Pride will continue to fight.

Guardians of Kush set

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The magic of the lions is the ancient magic of Kush, it is not as elegant as the magic of the elves and not as subtle as the magic of the Ophidians. But it is a power that imbues the land of Kush, every tree that grew on that land and every child born there. Thousands of spirits and minor gods answer the call of every man who fights for Kush.

Kush Tribes of the South

The Lions of Kush are proud and fearless warriors and wise mages. They are children of the hot savannah and in their world there is no room for cowardice or weakness.
Their roar shakes the heavens. Their fangs and claws are sharper than steel.
Lead the squad and join the battle for the future of Kush and the revival of the ancient Beastmen Empire.

Legends of Signum Starter Box “Kush Tribes of the South”

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Kwame, the Sun of Kush is a hero and warlord who believes that you cannot live only by memories of past greatness, and that wars are not won by defense. He gathers a new army from all the tribes to push his enemies away. It’s time for a new legend of the brave warriors of Kush!

Are you ready for the battle?