Test your mettle against your friends as you cross sword and spell in this epic continuation of the Legends of Signum Saga.


Two Players Duel, Four Players Clash

Dynamic and Fascinating Battles

Only High-Quality Resin Miniatures

Single-Player Mode

Wargame with Hexagonal Battlefield

32mm Scale Miniatures

About the game

The conquest for Signum Continues

Much has changed in the world of Signum, but war remains the same. Old Realms fall and new ones rise, but only the strong will survive to reap the rewards.

Legends of Signum II: Warseer is both a continuation of the old story, and a new game offering both new and reworked miniatures, a completely revamped economy, and a new battle mechanics system based on a hexagonal grid. Change the landscape and stun your opponent with brilliant tactics. Unleash new devastating magic upon the enemy’s forces. Empower your economy to overwhelm your foe and strangle your opponent for resources. Be clever, deceitful, and predict your foe.

Fight to win, because in Signum – the winner takes it all.

Game features

The Hexagon Grid

One of the fundamental changes implemented in Legends of Signum II: Warseer is the introduction of the Hexagon Grid.

In the previous versions of Signum players had to use various in-game rulers to measure distances. Now all units are placed in special hexagon tiles with each tile having its own landscape feature and effects. Aside from the undisputed fact that the hexagon is the bestagon, this immensely simplifies measuring movement and shooting range, and gives the game a much more organic and intuitive feel.

Game features

Combat Mechanics

Combat mechanics have been simplified and made more straightforward.

All units are now available in your camp at the start of the game and can be brought out into the battlefield as needed. While in past, players would get their cards at random, you can now properly plan out your strategy and move to counter the enemy. In addition, only the attacking player has to roll dice now. This has removed an element many considered redundant, simplifying gameplay considerably.

Game features

The Economy

The economy has been completely revamped, changing the way profit is accumulated and making tactic cards free.

Whereas in the previous versions of Signum, profit per turn was always a fixed amount, now your destroyed and used cards increase your income, making the game even more dynamic and intense as it progresses. Your tactic cards are now free, and the enemy won’t be able to find out what you’ve prepared, adding an additional layer of tension to the gameplay.

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Veil of the Warseer

The paths of the future are dark and tangled. The future is hard to predict. Rulers, bankers, religious fanatics, politicians and crooks of all stripes try to assure us that the future is known only to them. But it is not… Only a few could truly see beyond the impenetrable veil of the present. The chosen few were called Seers or Warseers.

The Cassar-un-Shair for many years he had studied the art of predicting the future by various signs. Over time, Cassar achieved considerable success in interpreting divination dreams, predicting the weather, prices of major commodities, and even unexpected winnings.

But Cassar guessed that all he had achieved was nothing compared to Warseer’s true talent. One who appears once every thousand years, perhaps even less often. One who can look much further than the price of a radish in the next six months, or predict the weather a week in advance. A true seer sees the destinies not just of individuals, but of entire nations. True seers see all possibilities at once, even those whose probability is negligible.

Everything changed when war broke out. The Empire declared a crusade against Vallor. The city council turned to Cassar for advice as the respected head of the Soothsayers Guild. And it was as soon as Kamora looked into the future as there he saw her. She was a true Warseer, of extraordinary strength and purity. The mystery of this girl the old Ophidian could not understand and dreaded meeting her.

Starter Box Empire

Starter Box

Legends of Signum Starter Box “Empire of the Iron Nest”

In the life of Imperials, an enormous role is played by religion, their world is full of sinners and martyrs, heretics and saints. Legions of the Empire are tempered in the flames of endless wars, and blessed by prayers of priests.
Fearless knights, legionnaires and warriors of the Church fight to glorify God Emrys and the Emperor. This pack contains miniatures and support cards for “Empire of the Iron Nest” faction.

Starter Box Vallor

Starter Box

Legends of Signum Starter Box “Free City of Vallor”

Vallor is a port city that has become home to many races. With merchants and adventurers flocking from all over Signum, you can meet nobles, townsfolk, beastmen, and even ophidians in this bustling metropolis. Here, the most bewildering and incredible unions are possible, and the real gods are wealth, cunning, and luck.
This pack contains miniatures and support cards for the “Free City of Vallor” faction.

Legends of Signum Starter Box "Empire of the Iron Nest"
Anna Dark Warseer of the Empire
Belinda the Healing Hand
Liobrenda the Temple Novice
Morgen Flagellant
Oronox rider with Horn
Dayodor, the order mentor
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Legends of Signum Starter Box "Free city of Vallor"
Roar the Ironsides
Sir Miltarion, Keeper of the Law
Rowena, Duke's Daughter
Sir Daramain the Steelwind
Captain Gil-Talas
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Starter Box Miniatures

From Box to Battleground

The starter box comes with a set of beautifully designed 32mm-scale photopolymer resin miniatures that can not only be used for the game itself but will also serve as a wonderful addition to a collector’s set or any other fantasy-themed campaigns you take part in. The miniatures come unpainted, with bases included.

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