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Become part of a new legend
Become part of a
new legend
"Napoleonic: Steel and Magic" is a hex-based wargame where history is mixed with fantasy. New mechanics, new miniatures, and an exciting new world await you from the creators of Legends of Signum.
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Two Players Duel, Four Players Clash

Dynamic and Fascinating Battles

Wargame with Hexagonal Battlefield

Single-Player Narrative Mode

Only High-Quality Resin Miniatures

28mm Scale Miniatures

Napoleonic: Steel and Magic

Military-tactical game about the battles of the great armies of the Napoleonic era with the forces of Chaos invading our world.

Several modes are available in the game – from the Grand Battle, where players independently assemble their armies and conduct a swift battle against each other, to the epic Company, where two players will have to compete with each other over several scenarios and simultaneously repel the attacks of the forces of chaos.

Battles take place on a hexagonal field between squads of warriors, monsters and famous heroes. You will have access to a wide variety of types of troops of the time, including the Scottish Gray Dragoons and the Imperial Old Guard, as well as allied faerie units consisting of centaurs, beastmen and elves.

Your squads can gain upgrades between scenarios and become more experienced, going from recruit to veteran, and even champions (conscripts, veterans to champions).

The mechanics of the game will force you to make quick decisions and often take calculated risks.

“Napoleonica: Steel and Magic” will allow you to diversify your tactics and strategy, each time changing the composition of your army, and supplementing it with new units. And a large number of available scenarios will only enhance your impressions of victories.

It's a time of heroes

Each faction will be represented by detailed character models. Historical uniforms from the Napoleonic Wars are complemented by the latest inventions and artifacts from the Renaissance of Magic.

History of the World

Immerse yourself in a world where drums beat the rhythm of war, armies rush into battle, and old scary tales have become reality

A few years before the French Revolution, events occurred in Europe that radically changed all subsequent history. The world as we know it collided with the Abyss. Through a tear in the fabric of reality, an entity called the Swarm invaded Earth. It intended to summon from the Abyss as many forces of Chaos as possible, in order to use them to enslave the entire Earth. Hideous monsters with many paws, teeth and horns, unlike any animal known before, appeared everywhere in Europe, wreaking terror and destruction.

But it is not only the forces of Chaos that have entered our world. The eternal enemies of Chaos - the forces of the Order also managed to overcome the barrier that separates the worlds. They were creatures from the mythical fairy people: elves, dwarves, centaurs and beastmen. At the same time, more and more people around the world began to acquire the power of magic.

The Swarm was growing stronger and the scourge was spreading across Europe like a plague. The governments of all countries could no longer ignore the threat that had arisen and sent their troops to the places where the Rifts appeared.

In the beginning, some of the regions of Europe were able to completely clear the traces of the contamination and even close the Rifts. Mainly thanks to the help of the enigmatic Magician Countess Saint Germain and her enigmatic allies. But soon the Swarm went on a counteroffensive and the people believed that Judgment Day had come.

It was only possible to stop the forces of Chaos by rallying all the powers that were available - the technological advances of men and the magic of the creatures of Order. Saint Germain appealed to the people, convincing them of the need for an alliance with Fairy.

Not all of the rulers agreed to heed her words. But some young heroes, such as Napoleon Bonaparte and Duke Welligton responded to the call. Will humanity be saved by military genius and magic, or will it perish in the struggle of nations for world domination? That will be decided on the battlefield.

Game Factions

Great armies will collide on the battlefield. The Great Empires see in the Chaos engulfing Europe their chance to rise and the invincible legions of Chaos are ready to turn the armies of mortals to ashes.
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On the ruins of old France, like the phoenix, a new empire has risen. It boldly rejects the old superstitions and traditions. Scientists and wizards work together, for victory, and for a new, enlightened world.

Britain Empire

The magic of the Celts, asleep for centuries on the islands, has been awakened. When sabers and cannons are useless, the Empire’s subjects are aided by ancient rites and knowledge preserved in legend.

Legions of the Abyss

The forces of Chaos are tearing at Earth from the Abyss. Many worlds have already been destroyed by the invincible Legions. Creatures from scary fairy tales and nightmares turned out to be real. Can mortals defeat the horror itself?

The Alliance of Nephilim

Having lost their homeworlds but retaining their will to fight, the fairies have united to fight back the Legions of the Abyss. This alliance will be a new chapter in the never-ending story of the confrontation between the forces of Chaos and Order.

Immerse yourself in an era of great heroes and revived legends

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