The nights become longer, and restless spirits start dancing in the fields. That means the Last Harvest holiday is coming!
The parade of scarecrows and monsters takes over the feast. Prepare for a thrilling tale this night!
Check out a brand new release of those magnificent sets from Legends of Signum.
Baby Dee, Frankengirl
Baby Dee, Frankengirl

Baby Dee dreamed of becoming gorgeous and active. Forbidden science gave the dead beauty a new life… and a very loyal pet. Cats and dogs are so out of fashion these days. A bloody big hand on the other hand - now there’s a good friend to help in your mischief!

Scarecrow Sheriff
Sheriff Cooper, Keeper of the Field

Even ghosts and monsters must adhere to the holy laws of Final Harvest Festival. The Sheriff is the embodiment of law and order. He won’t allow anyone to ruin the holiday.

Dark Elemental
Dark Elemental the Endless Nightmare

Dark Elementals are born at the whim of the Great Unknown. Assembled from the most terrifying, disgusting and abhorrent things one can remember, their mere look make blood chill. Not something you would ever wish to lay your eyes upon, but once you do, you cannot seem to look away.

Scissors Scarecrow
Mr. Goldfinch, the Scary Tailor

"He looks like a scarecrow" is not an insult when you’re talking about the most elegantly dressed scarecrow in town. Just because you’re dead and assembled out of trash does not mean that you have to be dressed out of fashion with untrimmed hay. The Terrifying Tailor will help you choose the best outfit in the Final Harvest Festival. But best keep your criticism to yourself. His scissors are very sharp!

The Four-Armed Monster
Grimzag the Bloodthirsty Executioner

Functionality is more important than looks! Perhaps this monster may not be the prettiest boy in the Monster Parade, but he certainly is one of the deadliest.

Old Models (New Video)
New models
Old models
Halloween is around the corner,
so the Last Harvest Parade is about to begin.

Celebrate the festival with brand new Legends of Signum characters!

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Experimental Monsters

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Who says the best mercenaries have to be alive?

Meet new stuff in the arms market. It’s the perfect fusion of magic and the latest technology!
The “Experimental Monsters” set consists of five creatures that would make worthy foes even for a grizzled veteran squad. Unlike living mercenaries, these guys rarely miss and never get tired.
Mortville, the Heavy Hammer, is made to smash everything, whether enemy skulls or stone walls.
The Clumsy “Techno Abomination” may indeed amuse you with its awkwardness, but it will certainly amaze you with its extensive customization possibilities.
Baby Dee, Frankengirl has stunning looks and hands that kill. Anyone who thinks otherwise quickly finds themself on her pet’s dinner table.
Grimzag, the Bloodthirsty Executioner has been holding first place in the “Most executions in an hour“ contest for three consecutive years! How? He’s truly passionate about his job.

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Scary Scarecrows

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The Harvest Festival is not just about pumpkins!

The Scary Scarecrows – a squad of obsessed scarecrows is pleased to open the Last Harvest Festival. Headed by the keeper of traditions and eerie mysteries, Mister Pumpkin the Gorgeous is flanked by the two knights of the squad – one with a spear, the other without a head – they are the real deal. Possessed by the spirits of proud and fearless knights, they will ensure (by force if necessary) that all traditions of the Harvest Festival are adhered to. Mr. Goldfinch, the scarecrow tailor, and Sir Baghead, the local fashionista, will make sure that everyone is dressed well and with style. Appearance determines consciousness after all. And anyone who still decides to cause undue mischief will be quickly put to (permanent) rest by Sheriff Cooper. Nothing will ruin the festival.

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Dark Elementals

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A single look upon the reanimated incarnation of terror will be enough to realize that it’s too late to beg for mercy.

Dark Elementals are born at the whim of the Great Unknown. Assembled from the most terrifying, disgusting, and vile things one can remember, their mere look makes blood chill. Not something you would ever wish to lay your eyes upon, but once you do, you cannot seem to look away. One Dark Elemental can destroy a squad of heroes or wipe out a town. Three Dark Elementals are able to eliminate an army or reduce a great fortress to ashes.

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Halloween miniatures are waiting for you!

Halloween Bases Pack

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A set of decorative bases with a Halloween theme. Each base contains an echo of the last scream, the darkness of midnight, and the sweet aroma of a pumpkin pie. These bases will make an excellent addition to any of our or your Halloween models. The set contains bases of 4 diameters: 32 (6 pcs ), 50 (2 pcs ), 60 (2 pcs) and 80mm.

Bust of Sir Baghead

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Meet the new bust from Legends of Signum.
The bust of Sir Baghead is a collectible item for miniature painters, collectors, fantasy geeks, and for all of those, who just love art.
It is cast in a high-quality solid resin, composed of 9 pieces.
1:9 scale bust.
Height with pedestal 131,5cm/51,7″
The kit is unassembled and unpainted.
Sir Sackhead is pretty sure that he’ll look great on any shelf.
This Scarecrow knows a lot about fashion and scissor sharpening.

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Last Harvest Parade

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Spend the holidays in great company!
Scary Scarecrows meet Experimental Monsters at the Last Harvest Festival.
Ancient evil and innovative magic labs are brought together in one set.
Choose the “Last Harvest Parade” Pack and Save 40%!

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