The nights become longer, and restless spirits start dancing in the fields. That means the Last Harvest holiday is coming!
The parade of scarecrows and monsters takes over the feast. Prepare for a thrilling tale this night!
Check out a brand new release of those magnificent sets from Legends of Signum.

Experimental Monsters Pack

Only a necromancer’s inflamed brain or divine providence, typical for genius, could create such creatures. Giant and fearless monsters took up arms and are ready to fight

Scary Scarecrows Pack

The field scarecrows are obsessed with the Last Harvest spirit. And that fixed grimace on their painted faces doesn’t bode well. They are ready to celebrate Halloween in a way that everyone will remember for a long time.

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Experimental Monsters

65.00 59.00

Meet new stuff in the arms market. It is the perfect fusion of magic and the latest technology!
“Experimental Monsters” set consists of five creatures that would be worthy foes for the fiercest veterans squad.
Unlike living mercenaries, these guys rarely miss and never get tired.
Mortville, the Heavy Hammer, is made to smash everything, whether enemy skulls or stone walls.
Clumsy “Techno Abomination” may indeed amuse you with its awkwardness, but it will certainly amaze you with its extensive customization possibilities.
Experimental Warriors are soldiers with different types of weapons resurrected by science. They are a pretty balanced squad of monsters for those who like the latest scientific discoveries.

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Scary Scarecrows

65.00 59.00

Harvest Festival is not only about pumpkins, after all!
The Scary Scarecrows – a squad of obsessed scarecrows, the true owners of autumn fields.
Sir Baghead, the Obsessed Scarecrow is a fashionista and big fan of the festivals.
Appearance determines consciousness. Scarecrow Knight with Spear and Headless Scarecrow Knight are possessed by the spirits of proud and fearless knights.
Mister Pumpkin the Gorgeous is the keeper of the traditions and eerie mysteries of the Last Harvest festival.
Join the autumn carnival right now!

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Halloween miniatures are waiting for you!

Last Harvest Parade

130.00 99.00

Spend the holidays in great company!
Scary Scarecrows meet Experimental Monsters at the Last Harvest Festival.
Ancient evil and innovative magic labs are brought together in one set.
Choose the “Last Harvest Parade” Pack and Save 20%!

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