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Hey, guys!

Today is 11/11, which means great discounts (up to 30%!) are available for our four beautiful miniatures.

If you were planning to purchase something new for your collection – now is the time for a very good deal. You have such a rare opportunity to do both: save up some money and get our exclusive miniatures in the same time!

And that’s not everything that we prepared for you, guys.

Only today you have a chance to purchase (with $$) our miniatures that usually are obtainable only in exchange for loyalty points in our loyalty shop.

Here they are:

  • Aria the Avatar of Goddess – an incarnation of gods’ will in the world of everlasting wars
  • Zaira the Shadow of Grand Master – one of the most attractive ladies in Signum
  • Lord Varkula the Night Visitor – our latest exclusive miniature: an ancient vampire and his innocent prey
  • Elia the Flaming Blood – a horsewoman and a dragon huntress, she also comes in a limited edition. These beautiful miniatures are now available and ready for shipment.

Have a good day and even better shopping!

P.S. We would love to have you as a part of our community. Follow us on social networks, share your artworks with us and get featured there (just send us pics of the creative process and results of our miniatures being painted by you).

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