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Pre-Order Clans of Caledonia

Dear Friends,

Meet a brand new faction Clans of Caledonia – a fresh release that brings us many gifts and encouragements.

The High King urges to protect home mountain peaks from the invaders, so every help matters. Brave warriors and vicious hags have already answered a king’s call. Custodians of the ancient recipe of the potion along with the fraction’s hero will manage to make the enemy run to borders, won’t they? You decide their fate.

The starter box includes all you need to start playing for a new fraction. With this purchase, you will get a goblin miniature, who might become decent support on the Battlefield for your squad. Also, we made sure this set of the witches “Witchcraft Night” has another additional bonus – a cauldron, which is an unchangeable attribute of Sabbath to cook a witchcraft potion.

Pre-order it now and get x3 Reward Points that can be used in our Loyalty Shop later on. The delivery starts on April 15th.

Looks like the new heroes are ready to fight. And you?

Hurry up as their army is approaching.

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