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Meet Keryd-Dum, The Сult of Abyss!

The Dark Dwarves have been long exploring the Abyss, learning new secrets of the ancient magic, and that helped them to tame the Abyss snails.

Those enormous snails along with their poisonous slime literally smash their enemies down.

The clan adepts, for their part, are thirsty for blood way more than money, so they will take anyone’s side who can offer to take part in a violent massacre. We advise you to extend your army with those cruel soldiers until they started to chase you down instead.

Also, you have the opportunity to take the role of the “Architect of Flesh” as the set of three Abyss warriors has wide customizable options with replaceable parts.

And just to remind you that you get three times the Reward Points if you purchase those miniatures by June 29th inclusive.

The time of small and evil ones has come!

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