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Healer abilities

This article is devoted to the part of the army, which always hiding behind the back of the main units, nevertheless their support is very important during the battle. Besides characters, there is also a lot of healing support cards and special terrains/buildings, which can heal as well.

Image 1. Belinda’s card description

     If you will see the sign of drop on the creatures description – this is a healer, and the number next to it signify the number of dice will be rolled for healing process. If they are on distance, all creatures with Healer work exactly as common shooters’ range attack rules – they can heal within XL distance and roll “Bullseye” means successful healing. If healer is staying in contact with wounded creature – successful heals will be on “Shield” or “Axe” rolls.

Of course, they are not fighters and especially in melee combat they will not be useful, so keep them behind your main army.

Image 2. Michelle Gazzini, Cassandra and Belinda – one of the best healers in Legends of Signum

     Empire with their godlike grypharims have in their army more healers, but Vallor has a healers with really special abilities – for instance Michelle Gazzini’s failed healing deals 1 wound, so he can use this ability for opponent’s creatures, depends on the game situation.

Image 3. Michelle Gazzini and Lucretia, main Vallor healers – they can heal, but also do harm, so stay away allies!

Besides healers, you will find characters, which could have advantages from healing allies or characters, which will restore health upon their summoning

Image 4. They can heal, but haven’t Healer ability


There are some characters, which are healed when killing an opponent’s character. They have very powerful stats and abilities, so if you play against them – try to avoid the fight 1 on 1 versus these monsters.

Let’s take a closer look on some of healing support cards


Image 6. Support – different tactic, spell and relic cards with heal.

      So there are many cards and miniatures, which allow to heal. All of this are giving the opportunity and flexibility to your decks and many players already taking them, considering this is one of the most important parts in their army.
Anyway, different players use different tactics and can even avoid to take them, all is up to them. Good luck on the fields of Signum! Until the next time!