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Hot Southern Release in mid-February!

Another big release has arrived today! Meet the proud warriors of the Kush Empire in the South of Signum. It will be especially great for those who are tired of monotonous fantasy characters and would like to try something new.

This is our second release of Patreon miniatures and we’re very excited to share the new designs we created. Check out the 3D printable models and print them at home.

Traditionally, the set includes custom warriors with multiple assembly options to build them the way you want. Also, there are a lot of awesome standing out miniatures such as the terrifying shaman and two beauties on panthers. And probably the best artifact of the release – Riders on a crocodile – that’s a really big and highly detailed miniature, which is definitely a great choice for collectors and tabletop players!
Aekke and Vara1
Another portion of different sized resin bases comes with the new miniatures and is now available in the store. Similarly to the previous time, we added a few sets of bases for your collection which is a great choice for the fantasy miniatures fans.

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