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Legendary characters models and scenario elements!

Dear friends!
This time, something special awaits you! Is this a famous hero? Is he wearing boots?
And who is it? Who is this wolf? Or is it a dog? Or is he a ghost? Is the herald of death and the end coming for the main character? In any case, this creature is a legend!
This legend began when we were not in the world yet. Cat in Boots does the unthinkable. He is cunning, daring and has good manners.
We all grew up with stories of his adventures!

The adventures never end!
Cat in Boots, grim messenger and kittens – what will this story tell us?
Become a part of the legend in the world of Signum!

A new world is born from your fantasy. Yes, it’s yours.
We just give you the opportunity to find the right elements for what you have come up with.
Old pipes, space monster larvae, weapon racks and bushes. You can find in our store what it takes to make your imaginary world come true.
Meet more than a dozen sets of scenario elements in our store!

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