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Elia the Amazons Queen

The proud Amazon Elia fell in love with Prince Iatael, the dragon rider and the Elven king’s son. When the other elves learned of their relationship, Elia and Iatael decided to run away from  the possible troubles on the Prince’s dragon Paraxis, but unfortunately for the couple, the dragon had other plans. He burned Iatael and offered Elia to become his new rider. For this, the dragon created an illusion where showed her possible fabulous future, promising unseen power and countless riches for the Amazons Queen.

With the force of will, the stubborn woman was able to stop the compulsion and even wound the monster, who nevertheless managed to escape. Since then, she has dedicated her life to hunting down and killing Paraxis. Elia will never stop until the dragon gets what he truly deserves… And she knows that otherwise, the flame absorbs her as it absorbed her beloved

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