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Pre-Order of the Styx Undead Empire is now available

Hi everyone!

Despite the beginning of the month, the army of Styx gets reinforcements! Meet models of zombi, vampires, and monsters, which came a long way from Patreon to store. The pre-order is officially open! If you order models before release on 11 May, you will get three times as many reward points!

There is important news – in this case, it is expected for you not a solely enlarged collection of undead-mercenary. For those who had dreamed of trying on a role the Dark Lord we prepared a starter Box “Styx Undead Empire”.

A familiar demon Imelstar hoarded enough puissance to take the lead of the squad of zombi-infantrymen and the cavalry in the person of undead rider and centaur. Fraction “Styx” officially enters a war for domination on Signum.

Friends, if you have a Imelstar’s model, write us and we will send you the card hero with the next order.

Aside from starter-box we, traditionally, prepared for you the set of warriors having a wide possibility of customization. The set “Undead Warriors” lets you embody your vision of the invincible army of undead.

Remind, on 11 May the sale “x3 reward point for pre-order” is finished and models will on sale. Hurry up to get models first.

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