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Getting ready for Easter!

Easter is coming soon, and we have prepared a new miniature for this holiday!

After an intense card game battle, a pretty nervous goblin started to stare at a person sitting next to him shuffling cards with a poker face. This person with a big garish hat was too tall to be a dwarf, too weird to be a human, and too rude to be an elf, and it was impossible to guess his age at first sight.
“Do you need something, fellow?” the strange person asked.
“Yes, I do. I know nothing about you. Who are you? What… are you? Why do you win the sixth time in a row?” goblin babbled, ”Tell me, maybe you’re some kind of a magician or something?”
“Not quite.” the person smiled, “Well, maybe when I make hats we can call it magic, yeah. Satin and silk, velvet and leather – aren’t they just alchemical components that turn into gold once a customer picks up his hat from a store?“

You will also receive x5 rewards for each purchase in the Easter Miniatures set until April 12th.