How It All Started..

Signum Games grew from a passion for board games, the joy of meeting your friends on the weekend, rolling that dice and just having a thrill of a time. It was during those times, that we would also often fantasize about a vast world filled with ever-warring gods, mighty empires, powerful city-states, magnificent and terrible creatures of magic rising from ancient myths and legends, all under the shadow of a great looming threat bound to swallow them all. It grew from a desire to turn that dream into a reality.

Brief History

While Signum Games itself is still relatively young (we officially launched in 2015), we’ve been on the market of miniature casting for quite a while now, and we can proudly say that we’ve mastered the art. After all – many of the miniatures that we produced were from the Signum universe and we took great care to design every intricate detail, and make sure to use only high grade material. Today we produce high quality resin and metal miniatures of staggering detail and of various shapes and sizes, bound to dazzle your imagination.

In July, 2018 we launched our very first Kickstarter Campaign – “Legends of Signum: Battle for Vallor”. This was the first and most important step in building the Signum universe. A unique boardgame, unlike any other, Legends of Signum was a combination of a skirmish, economy and good old cardgame. The campaign was a huge success, funded in less than 12 minutes, featuring two great powers – The ancient city of Vallor and the resurgent Grypharium Empire – facing off each other in a military and economic struggle, with only one possible victor. All of our obligations were successfully fulfilled by December. This and the amazing support we received from the Signum community gave us the strength, resources and inspiration to continue on.

In August, 2019 we launched another Kickstarter Campaign for a standalone expansion – Dragon Hunters. This allowed us to introduce one of the most important and prominent species in the world of Signum – dragons, as well as one of the most terrifying and powerful members of their kind – Paraxis the Ruthless. This campaign was a huge success too and we received support from even more backers. Dragon Hunters was mechanically different, and allowed us to introduce new game elements, such as 4 different game modes, and an Android app for single-player mode, as well as new characters and lore, thus further expanding the Signum universe.

Where We Stand

Today, Signum Games is a company that produces high quality resin and metal miniatures as well as board games, with plenty more to come! We’ve revitalized and expanded our team and are dedicated to fleshing out the Signum universe, bringing you a vast and fascinating world with unforgettable hours of boardgame gameplay!

Signum Games is finally spreading its wings, and we’d love if you could become a part of it!

So don’t fret and join in!